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  • Will premolar extractions suit my facial profile? (Photos) August 2, 2022 My teeth flaring is dramatic looking at it from an xray and I was told that in order to make space, extractions is the best route. However, I'm worried of what extraction of 4 premolars might do to my facial profile. While I don't want the protrusion going on on my lips, I also definitely don't want a sunken face. I just want insight as to whether you think a smaller smile would suit my facial profile.
    For a correct answer clinical and radiographic studies are necessary, from what can be seen in the photos you have maxillary biprotrusion, the extraction of 4 premolars will create space to retract both jaws in the shortest possible time and without excessive orthodontic force, another option available is IPR but the space to wear enamel is limited, and may not be enough space created by Ipr to achieve the desired aesthetic results. At Empower Your Smile, Dr. Patricia Moezinia will be in charge of guiding you through this process and answering your questions.
  • I look ugly when I smile. Any suggestions on how I can fix it? (Photos) July 29, 2022 Asked By: Phenomenal377217 My smile is ugly and forced and i have no idea how to fix it. Ive had braces for 4 yrs. Im scared to go back because its obvious the braces did nothing for the aesthetics of my face which was the serious issue. Any suggestions is great.
    A quick and effective solution for a gummy smile, where the upper lip becomes inverted and shows more gingiva than normal, is the application of Botox. Botox will prevent the muscle from contracting excessively, thus achieving a natural and harmonious smile. At Empower Your Smile, Corinne Agman will be in charge of guiding you through this process and answering your questions.
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