Frequently Asked Questions

Are all EYS services available now?

We are social distance scheduling all your dental needs currently. As we resume our new way of life and new way of practice it is imperative to get back to our health and oral health is the first step toward that goal. Contact EYS at 212-274-8338 text us at 917-3920506 to get started!

Can I schedule my visit online?

We welcome you to schedule an appointment on our website.

We want to welcome our patient back to our renewed practice.

Infection control has always been part of our practice, but we are now taking it at another level to create the ultimate safest place for our patients and our staff at EYS. As health and safety is our highest priority, we are following all the ADA protocols, full PPE; we have been going even beyond their guidelines with the Hepa air purification system in all the rooms and using chairside aerosol suction and micro dust collector to protect the health of our patients and staff.

What is EYS doing to protect patients during COVID 19?

  • A COVID-19 screener & all registration documents will be completed prior to visits, digitally.
  • Only scheduled patients & employees will be allowed at EYS.
  • Patients will be scheduled in a way to ensure that only one patient will be in the front waiting room at a time & social distancing can be maintained.

  • The front desk will have a plexi-glass addition to create an additional barrier between patients & our staff.

  • Our staff will be tested prior to opening date & frequently, periodic testing will take place once open.
  • Scrubs will be cleaned daily & stored in sterile environments within the office during off hours.
  • All commonly touched areas (door handles, knobs, surfaces, countertops, bathroom, etc) will be disinfected at least once an hour.
  • Our staff will be wearing the proper PPE, clinical staff will be wearing additional PPE including but not limited to gowns, face shields, googles & N95 masks.
  • customer payment will be completed digitally, credit is preferred.

How do I fill my registration forms online?

Prior to your visit, you will be receiving a link to our website registration forms via email. You can fill out the forms digitally on your personal device & send it back to our EYS team. If you have any questions on the forms or did not receive the forms, you can email us at call us at 212-2748338 or text us at 917-3920506.

Is it safe for me to come to EYS?

Yes, with the new policies, the new protocols trainings, the upgraded PPE, the new technology and social distancing scheduling implemented in our practice we are ensuring the safety and health of our patients and staff at EYS.

Call 212-274-8338 or text us at 917-392-0506 to be connected to our clinical team in real time.

I am due for my routine cleaning, can I wait?

It is best practice to have routine cleanings every 6 months, some patients
may need cleanings even more frequently. Preventive oral care is important because regular routine cleanings reduce your risk of oral disease & other medical issues. If you are overdue for your cleaning or you are experiencing pain, call 212-274-8338 or text 917-392-0506. & our clinical team will assess.

I have a treatment plan can I wait?

As we resume our new way of life and new way of practice it is imperative to get back to Good Health and Good Oral Health with Big Smiles is the first step toward that goal.
With our new protocols training, elevated PPE, and new technology implemented to ensure your safety and health, we look forward to inviting you back into our practice again and together we will prevail.