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Dr. Patricia Moezinia always appreciates feedback from her valued patients, since this helps Empoweryoursmile learn and grow with our patients' needs. In addition to helping us become a better dental practice, patient reviews can help new patients learn more about our people, our procedures, and our style. It can be scary enough for some people to go to any dentist, so we want our new patients to feel comfortable trusting Dr. Veytsman and her experienced staff with their smile. We're compiled reviews for Cosmetic Dental Studios from all across the web for our patients, new and old, who want real stories from real patients.

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You are always welcome at EYS DDS

A key aspect of our treatments is our ability to listen intently to our patient‘s goals and concerns. As celebrity dentists, we are the true market leader in creating “celebrity smiles” in Tribeca NYC.
So, when you’re about to undergo an aesthetic treatment, we never rush we are always interested in what you have to say.
We always take your preferences very seriously.


Review from  Lany Barry  | Source: Realself  | May 23, 2022

Dr. Moezinia is INCREDIBLY thorough with every step of the process; adjusting the teeth, the fit, the placement of your jaws as you bite down with you new teeth. Two crowns had to be remade as they didn’t fit during our first installment of the final teeth. During the appointment when the last two top teeth were put in, placement of where the jaws meet was modified so it would be comfortable. Molds for a night guard were taken (I grind my teeth) and one more appointment was booked to finesse jaw placement. The right side of my mouth was still partially numb from novocaine thus it being impossible to tell how accurate it was when I bit down.
Now that I have these amazing teeth I need to learn how to smile. It was so hard to picture the final result, I wasn’t aware my own teeth and jaw were too small for my head until coming to Empower Your Smile. When being photographed with the final results… I could feel my upper lip muscles twitching from trying to smile. After years of being ashamed of my teeth I didn’t have the muscle strength to smile and it resulted in an uncomfortable grimace. But that’s for me to work on and I’m so happy with the results.

My confidence now is 100x fold!


Review from  pierre_escargot  | Source: Realself  | April 12, 2022

I have wanted a smile makeover for years, but never met a dentist I trusted with the task. That changed completely when I met Patricia.

As soon as I walked in, I felt comfortable. The space is as stylish as Patricia, yet also completely welcoming. It's everything I would hope for in a Tribeca dentist, and with Patricia I didn't hesitant for a second to talk about needing to consult husband, my concerns about the procedures, finances, or anything. It feels okay to put everything on the table with Patricia.

The actual work speaks for itself. Patricia knew exactly what I wanted, took all the right steps, and made sure I was comfortable throughout the process. Nothing is half-assed here–it's detailed, personal, and outstanding. I am only halfway through but already so thrilled with the results and my self-esteem is through the roof.

If you are hesitating to do something about your smile...just stop and go see Patricia. Can promise it will be worth it.


Review from  Summer Georger| Source: Google  | Feb 02, 2022

Walked out feeling amazing!! Staff was extremely kind, professional, and easy to talk to about my dental health. Cleaning went great. They even went out of their way for me to perform a Zoom Whitening procedure that I hadn't scheduled when I called originally, and both Dr. Patricia and her hygienist (ugh, wish I remembered her name, she was the best!) checked on me multiple times to make sure I was comfortable. I am so happy I found such a great dentist near me! Looking forward to returning.


Review from Orange61  |  Source: Realself  |  Dec 9, 2021

Patricia Moezinia is amazing dentist. Best dental experience ever! Professional and detailed. Very patient and explained everything I needed to know. Will definitely recommend to others! Looking forward to me next visit.


Review from Djgibson1190 |  Source: Realself  |  Nov 18, 2021

The office is extremely clean and modern. I was greeted warmly by Dr. Moezinia and her assistant. I came in for a cleaning and check up. This was by far the most thorough and detailed cleaning I’ve ever received in my life. She used the numbing gel on my gums before the cleaning. She explained what she’d be doing and asked if I was OK often throughout the process. I already have an appointment to come in tomorrow and I’m finally ready to take my oral health seriously. I’m bringing my wife too!


Review from Lilian Gasparini |  Source: Realself  |  Oct 18, 2021

I have been a patient of Dr Patricia for the last 15 years. She and her team always make me feel not only comfortable but as part of the family. I came to her super self conscious of my smile because I’ve broken my front tooth. She never settled until the crown was perfect:). That whole office feels like home to me. I never taught you could actually look forward to going to the dentist, but I always do.


Review from G.J.  |  Source: Google  |  Jan 5, 2020

The best dentist office! Everything is very clean and high tech. The staff is super sweet and friendly! Patricia Moezinia is amazing, she is very professional and careful, takes her time to explain everything, and overall you leave having a very positive experience... even though we all know that dentists are rarely associated with anything positive. But Patricia is the best. I love to come here is a wonderful experience Always 🙌🏻


Review from Klaudia Trafidlo  |  Source: Google  |  Dec 19, 2019

DR.Patricia Moezinia she is amazing ! I've been coming to her for one years and her office is always spotless, has the latest technology and the entire staff is knowledgeable, kind and helpful. From cleanings to cavity fillings, every visit here has been excellent. I recommend her to all my friends and coworkers.


Review from Tami D.  |  Source: Google  |  Dec 1, 2019

Thank you Dr. Moezinia! I went for the full smile makeover with Dr. Moezinia and the results are amazing! It’s not an inexpensive procedure, but well worth it and makes me so happy. The new smile is simply perfect!


Review from Maia Lodato  |  Source: Realself  |  Dec 1, 2019

I had an AMAZING experience! Dr Moezinia is very professional and friendly.The staff was so kind and welcomed. The service was quick but didn’t feel rushed at all! I will absolutely be coming back!” Highly recommend!


Review from Mj B |  Source: Google  |  Oct 15, 2019

Home to my Fabulous Smile! Excellent Service and Friendly staff! Thank you so much!


Review from Stephen Y |  Source: Google  |  Oct 13, 2019

Kind and friendly staff. Felt very comfortable and safe coming here during this Pandemic. The office was kept very clean and the protocols in place were very good.


Review from Nino Saka |  Source: Google  | Sep 13, 2019

I am so thankful for the Dr Moezinia. The doctor and her staff are dedicated to their profession.Their service is high standard as their renovated office. Comfortable and friendly atmosphere mixed up with true and honesty relationship .Highly recommend to check this place .


Review from Kevin Nystrom |  Source: Google  | Sep 1, 2019

It is a beautiful office and the staff are very caring. Everyone was concerned if I was comfortable - quite a difference from most dental office experiences. Also, they were on time - no waiting in the office as is typical for most Dentists.


Review from Christopher Ferree |  Source: Google  | July 21, 2019

Dr Moezinia is a terrific dentist. She and her staff are committed to healthy smiles! Whether you need serious work or a simple cleaning, how your mouth looks is as important as how healthy your gums and teeth are. And did I mention how professional yet warm the care I receive is? A true professional in dentistry. Highly recommend her.


Review from Ellen Flynn |  Source: Google  | July 5, 2019

I have a really good experience with Dr. Moezinia. The atmosphere is just awesome and stuff are really friendly. Highly recommended!


Review from Christian Conroy |  Source: Google  | Jun 27, 2019

I originally went to Dr. Moezinia when I lived in NYC in 2013. I had issues with fractures and the constant need for bonding. Looking for a solution, Dr. Moezinia fixed the issue. After leaving NYC and using other Dentists, many admired the work that was done and asked “who had done such wonderful work?” Now that I am back in NYC, I am happy to be connected with her new practice and location. Dr. Moezinia is someone who truly loves her work and strives for the best.


Review from Alexandra Y |  Source: Google  | May 23, 2019

Everyone at this practice is committed to delivering personalized service. Dr. Moezinia practices with tremendous care and makes you feel comfortable and pain-free during your visit.


Review from Hilda Gershoony|  Source: Google  | Apr 22, 2019

Such amazing service, and beautiful office. The practice is clean, neat and organized. Dr. Moeznia was extremely professional and kind. I’ve been to many other dentists and never felt as amazing as I did after seeing her


Review from Naomi Geraghty |  Source: Google  | Apr 12, 2019

Dr Moezinia has been my dentist for 17 years and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Over the years I’ve received great dental care and advice and she gave excellent referrals when I needed surgery. On top of that she is such a warm and sympathetic person - I used to always dread my dentist visits till I discovered her !


Review from S Sui  |  Source: Google  | Apr 09, 2019

I’ve been going to Dr Moezinia for almost 20 years. She’s been wonderful through all my dental dramas. I’m grateful to have a dentist that I trust and an office that I feel comfortable going to.


Review from Melanie Mueller |  Source: Google  | Mar 08, 2019

Dr. Moezinia was very thorough and helpful. As a new patient she spent a lot of time with me and took the time to explain each problem and also broke down the process into manageable pieces. Would highly recommend!


Review from Joe Landauer  |  Source: Google  | Mar 06, 2019

I have been a patient of Dr Moezinia for 16 years and have always received excellent care. Last New Year’s Eve I had a painful tooth infection. Even though her office was closed for the holiday, she called me back , called in prescription for me at my local pharmacy and arranged emergency surgery. She is always so considerate and thoughtful with her patients.


Review from Amie Kreisberg  |  Source: Google  | Feb 01, 2019

Dr Moezinia is direct, efficient and she really cares! The office is beautiful and the staff are helpful.