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Invisalign or Brackets? How to choose and what to consider?

This is a common consultation in our clinic and we would like to share with you our opinion!

First, you should know that orthodontic treatments help you to have a healthy mouth that works better, improve your smile, favor better digestion of food, with teeth less prone to decay, healthier and stronger bone supports, and with a longer life span and, of course! give you good dental and facial aesthetics.

However, the choice between one or the other treatment will depend on several factors, but mainly on the severity of the dental malposition and whether the deviation is osseous or only dental.

Nowadays Invisalign has advanced enormous steps, with the help of dental software the dentist can create the expected result and the necessary steps to get there. In addition, tools have been created that allow Invisalign to solve most cases.

Invisalign is currently the best option for correcting malocclusion that triggers decay and attrition. Tooth malpositions cause decay, in many cases due to difficult access to the tooth surfaces because of crowding. In addition, malocclusion leads to attrition at the cervical neck of the teeth due to poor distribution of forces during occlusion, which can lead to severe tooth sensitivity.

Now let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of both treatments.



By means of transparent removable splints that are designed in a computer, the orthodontist plans, designs and can foresee step by step the dental movement during the treatment until the optimal result is achieved; that is to say, you have the possibility to discuss previously the result of the simulated treatment both with the patient and with fellow orthodontists, which makes it a very well synchronized interdisciplinary process.

It also offers you these advantages of use:

  • Comfort by allowing you to perform good dental hygiene and satisfactory aesthetic appearance, so it represents less inconvenience than traditional fixed appliances.

  • It benefits the periodontal situation by performing dental hygiene without limitations.

  • Drastically reduces the risk of decalcification.

  • Less pain when changing an aligner than when changing an archwire

  • Reduces or eliminates emergency situations, without injury or inflammation of the mucous membrane

  • Simple revisions without the existence of brackets, bands, archwires or wires

  • Removal without risk of enamel injury

  • Computer-calculated treatment, so it is predictable and can be planned and scheduled

  • No affections in the practice of sports or when playing wind musical instruments

  • Elimination of the risk of metal allergies

Disadvantages of Invisalign

  • Discipline and patience. Many patients are not constant, since this type of orthodontics has to be removed and put on to eat and brush their teeth, sometimes forgetting to put it back on again.

  • Price. Compared to fixed orthodontics or removable orthodontics, the price of Invisalign is somewhat higher. However, the vast majority of patients are satisfied with this treatment and confirm that it is worth every cost.



Brackets are based on the action of attachments that are placed cemented on the vestibular -or visible- side of the teeth in the case of metal or sapphire brackets.

For this reason, it is the most chosen among children or adolescents who do not have such a high esthetic requirement. In this way, their parents can benefit from the economic advantages.

Finally, you should know that it is advisable to use braces in the most complex cases. For example, those that present serious occlusion problems or require a combined orthodontic and orthognathic surgery procedure.


In conclusion, the choice between one or the other treatment will depend on several factors, such as:

  • Severity of the case

  • The need for orthognathic surgery.

  • Patient comfort and esthetics

  • Affordability

To achieve the best decision, don't hesitate to consult us at 212-274-8338, with a correct clinical and radiographic analysis we will tell you which is the best method for you!

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