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Lemon Water- Good or Bad?

Most people are already aware of the incredible benefits of drinking water with lemon, especially in the morning. Full of essential nutrients and vitamins, lemon water helps your body function better in everything from boosting your metabolism to enhancing your immune system. However, there is something about lemon water that is never mentioned.

The only thing wrong with lemon water It's bad for your teeth! Water with lemon is highly acidic and can corrode the enamel quickly. As time goes by, this can cause your teeth to become hollow and yellow, because the underlying dentin is exposed. What's even worse than the appearance, is that this can make your teeth super sensitive to hot and cold sensations. Suddenly, ice cream can become a much less fun experience.

The first way you're making the problem worse If you are drinking hot water with lemon, the erosion will be even worse. A higher temperature increases the number of chemical reactions that take place, in effect making the water even more acidic. Sugar is very bad for your teeth, when you drink it in a hot tea for this very reason. You may think the health benefits are worth the sacrifice, but when it comes to your teeth, cold water with lemon is far better than hot water. The other mistake you may be making is brushing your teeth immediately afterwards. For most people, brushing is part of the morning routine. But, if you get up, drink lemon water and then brush your teeth, you're making this problem even worse. Because the acid in lemon water weakens tooth enamel, brushing your teeth immediately after consumption speeds up the erosion process, especially if you brush vigorously or use a stiff-bristled brush. This is the only time it is not good to brush your teeth.

Ways you can improve the situation With this in mind, you should wait at least an hour after drinking the water with lemon before brushing your teeth, and still only use a soft-bristled brush. This means that during your morning routine you should brush your teeth first and then drink the lemon water.

To help your teeth even more, you can drink the lemon water with a straw (to avoid contact with your teeth) and dilute it a little more than usual. Again, drinking it cold is better for your teeth than drinking it hot. If you're worried about how to get rid of the acidic residue without brushing your teeth, you should consider teeth, just rinse your mouth with water.

A final suggestion is that you mix a little bit of the kind of water you are drinking. For example, cucumber water has many benefits without containing acid, as does mint water.

So go and enjoy your lemon water, just remember not to forget your teeth

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