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Let's talk about wrinkle reducer.

Wrinkle Reducers no longer something to be ashamed of! Because we know that its benefits outweigh any prejudice, besides erasing wrinkles from our faces and making us look refreshed, it prevents more wrinkles from forming and deepening! Because of its preventive benefits, don't wait any longer to start seeing the benefits of Wrinkle Reducer on your skin!

Now, let's answer some common questions at our office!

How does Wrinkle Reducer work?

Wrinkle Reducer works by blocking the signals from the nerves, telling the muscles to contract. The injected muscle doesn't contract, and this makes the wrinkles relax and soften

When will I start to see results after treatment?

Lines and wrinkles will soften over the next few days. You will begin to see results in three to five days, with full results in 10 days.

When should I come back for my next treatment?

For optimal results, we typically suggest scheduling Wrinkle Reducer treatments every five to six months.

Pre-Treatment Tips?

Avoid alcohol and blood thinners (aspirin) 48 hours prior to injections.

Post-Treatment Tips?

Bruising and swelling can occur after injectables. Mild redness and bumps typically improve a few hours after your injectable treatment. Avoid touching your face for the next 12 hours. Avoid strenuous exercise and alcohol for 24 hours, and avoid taking ibuprofen or aspirin-containing products as this might increase your risk of bruising.

Should I rest after the treatment?

No, you can continue your life normally, but remember to avoid extreme exercise and alcohol for the first 24 hours to avoid complications.

I am 25, is it okay to start now or is it better to wait for the wrinkles to appear?

The best time to start treatment is before lines appear. Prevention is always better!

If you have any questions, please call us at 212-274 8338 or Book Online for a facial cosmetic treatment at Empower Your Smile.


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