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New with Invisalign? Here some Tips!

  • Tip number 1 Your nights have a new partner: your invisalign Your nightstand has a new favorite, your Invisalign. Put it near your bed, so you remember to wear it every night before going to sleep. Why? It's better to move your teeth into their new position over a period of time without interruptions.

  • Tip number 2 Take advantage of mealtimes to clean them. Soak your Invisalign in a denture solution while eating to clean your aligners and keep them free of bacteria and food debris.

  • Tip number 3 Befriend with your aligner case Your case will be your partner for a few months, and will go with you to work, to the gym, to your appointments, dates everywhere! You wouldn't be the first to forget your aligners at your boyfriend's or girlfriend's house, wrapped in a napkin at a restaurant or at work! Think about it, it's better if they are in your case... plus dogs have a special love for aligners without a case.

  • Tip number 4 Outie is your new ally By this stage you will have spent some time with your Invisalign, and you will already know how painful it is to remove your aligners AFTER the stage of attachments. Outie will help you take out and put in your aligners, so you don't hurt your nails (especially with your new, intact nails after a manicure).

  • Tip number 5 A good nail file Another ally during your treatment, a good nail file. Sometimes new aligners can come with unexpected sharp points that not only cut your tongue and mouth, but feel really annoying. File that sharp spot and you're good to go.

  • Tip number 6 Goodbye chewing gum The Invisalign relationship with gum won't even make it to the first date, it's time to say goodbye to gum for a long time, since chewing gum with your aligners is impossible.

  • Tip number 7 Always Carry a Dental kit Carry a dental kit in your bag or car. It is very important to put clean aligners on clean teeth. This does not necessarily mean that you are expected to brush your teeth after every meal, but it is important that you rinse well and remove any food that may be stuck in your teeth before putting in your aligners.

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