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Steps to a Dream Smile on Your Wedding Day

A wedding takes a long preparation and effort and is one of the happiest moments for the couple and for their family and friends. During that day everyone will appreciate your smile and hundreds of photos will be taken to remember this special day.

BUT... You still don't have the smile you want, and the big day is coming?

Don't panic, all you must do is good planning before the big day. The wedding of your dreams doesn't have to be a nightmare. From new whitening techniques to porcelain veneers and other restorative dental work, the smile of your dreams is within reach on your wedding day.

One Year Ahead

Invisalign is the ideal treatment if you need to straighten your teeth or close gaps, but you should plan to have this treatment a year before your wedding. Although for some patients this treatment may be quicker, starting a year before, will guarantee you will arrive on the big day with a straight smile.

Plus, the best part about Invisalign is that it is almost impossible to see in your teeth, so you can go to all those other wedding planning tasks - cake tasting, engagement photos, parties, and more, since they are also, removable!

6 Months Earlier

Porcelain veneers only take two visits to your cosmetic dentist to complete, but there is a bit of planning that may take longer than you expected. During the first consultation, a smile design will be done with dental software, and a treatment plan will be determined to get the best result. You must determine what those veneers will look like: color, size, shape, length, and more. These details are critical and ensure that your smile makeover is natural.

Once the design of your custom veneers is complete, your dentist will send the order to a dental lab so that the veneers can be created. In the meantime, your teeth need to be prepared for the veneers. This involves sanding off some of the tooth enamel to make room for the veneers. Once the super-thin porcelain veneers are ready, they will be permanently bonded to your teeth for a long period.

2 – 1 Months Before, Dream Lips and Botox Procedures.

If there's one day you want to look great, it's your wedding day. And that's why brides are increasingly turning to lip fillers to get that plump, healthy look for their special day. But what should you know about lip fillers for your wedding day? To have plump and perfect lips before the big day is the goal, for this hyaluronic acid filler treatment is ideal. But to get the best results we recommend: If it is your first time with hyaluronic acid fillers, try 2 months before your wedding. This will allow you to see how your body reacts, after 15 days of the filler application you will see the result, and if you want more, it would still be time for an addition.

If you are already familiar with this technique, 1 month before your wedding is the ideal time to show off your perfect lips on the big day. Botox, remove wrinkles before the big day! We recommend 3 to 4 months wrinkle reducer, and Botox for gummy smile.

One Week Before

The big day is coming! If you are just reading this post and you are only a few days away from your wedding, a whitening and dental cleaning will enhance your smile! In our EYS practice we have the ZOOM technology; this lamp will make the whitening more effective and the results incredible, making your smile several shades whiter in just one appointment.

After reading this blog, there are no more excuses to get to your wedding day with the smile you dreamed of.

Also, at Empower Your Smile we create exclusive plans for brides, for more information, contact us at 212- 274-8338.

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