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What Is Pedodontics?

Pedodontics is a specialty focused on diagnosing and treating children’s dental issues. Children usually begin getting primary teeth around six months of age. Children should visit the pediatric dentist within six months of the first tooth or by the age of one, whichever comes first.

In childhood it is important that the child receives as much attention as possible, not only to the teeth but also to the mouth. By receiving dental care from an early age, the pediatrician is able to detect habits that are harmful to teeth and bone growth, an example is thumb- sucking behaviors, which can result in not only bite deformity but also facial changes.

In addition to habit detection, a pediatric dentist monitors the eruption of the teeth, making sure that the age of eruption is correct. Another benefit is that the pediatrician is able to detect dental malpositions and bone alterations, and through early detection and in conjunction with the orthodontist, orthopedic appliances can be used to guide bone growth and tooth position.

Prevention is definitely the main value of our pediatrician, who through teaching hygiene techniques, use of fluoride, dental sealants, try to prevent the possibility of tooth decay in the future. In addition, our office has the most fun games and books for children, to create a friendly and fun environment, all this makes children love the experience of visiting our dental clinic and our sweet pediatrician Dr. Nora.

Request an appointment here, or call Empower Your Smile DDS at 212- 274- 8338 for an appointment.

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