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Patricia Moezinia, DDS

A dual French and American citizen Dr. Patricia Moezinia was born and raised in Paris. Dr. Moezinia graduated with a degree of Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the most prestigious Columbia University, holds a diploma of Doctorate of Oral Surgery from the very distinguished University of Paris.

Dr. Moezinia graduated from NYU in the Comprehensive Aesthetic Dentistry Principles and Practice and received her Implant degree from Columbia University.

She is a top-ranked cosmetic dentist in New York serving patients in Tribeca downtown Manhattan and the surrounding areas. Since founding her practice, Dr. Patricia Moezinia has sought to create for each of her patients the unique experience that brings smiles to their lives. The combination of knowledge creativity and her pursuit for excellence re-defines the dentistry experience.

For her, coming to the dentist is not only about fixing your teeth, but she also offers a place of comfort and trust. She never imposes, instead she listens very carefully to what you want, to what you like, to what you are looking for, and when you don’t know what you want to be done, she has the experience and the know-how to help you discover it.

A good dentist is not one size fits all, it’s individualized and tailored. And by continuing to make patient care her greatest priority, she remains at the top of her field.

American Dental Association

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

New York State Dental Association

First District Dental Society

Patricia Moezinia New York Dentist
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