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Advantages of the ITero digital intraoral scanner?

At EYS we are committed to staying at the forefront with the latest technologies and the most comfortable and effective treatments for our patients.

As part of this commitment, we are proud to promote our use of the iTero digital intraoral scanner for use in oral imaging and corrective orthodontic procedures.

• Accurate 3D images for dental work

Best of all, this digital oral scanner is very flexible in its application. It can be used for Invisalign®, general orthodontics, implants, bridges and even crowns. This tool offers is its ability to take thousands of pictures quickly, easily, conveniently and accurately. The "dental wand" is used to scan the inside of your mouth, and in just moments after the scan is complete, the iTero Elements scanner's powerful computer compiles them into a complete three dimensional image, mapping your entire mouth from top to bottom, and back to front.

• Much better than casts

We can forget about the gag reflex, complaints about the taste or smell of alginate or silicones that are so annoying for patients (adults and children). The process will therefore be faster, more pleasant and more comfortable for the patient.

• Results you can see for yourself

3D imaging is not only used to help our dentists and orthodontists achieve accurate, quality dentures, bridges and Invisalign® appliances. It can also be used to provide predictive modeling of the changes that are going to take place in the course of treatment and allow a patient to actually see the smile they are

investing in for the future.If you have any questions, please call us at 212-274 8338 or Book Online for a regular check-up at Empower Your Smile.

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