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Dental bridges or implants?

This blog is to help you to clarify your doubts between these two procedures. Dental bridges were the only solution for years to patients who were missing a single tooth, but to make them it was necessary to sacrifice the teeth next to them that were healthy to put a bridge attached to these teeth. Although it is aesthetic and is a fixed solution, we speak in the past tense because the implants came to make you forget about dental bridges.

While it is true that a certain amount of bone is needed to place a dental implant, in empower your smile we have the best technology to determine if it is possible to place implants through clinical and radiographic analysis. In addition, if the bone is appropriate, you can choose the option of implant with immediate loading, this means that at the same time of the implant placement surgery, a temporary tooth is adapted, so that after 3 months of osseointegration, a definitive crown can be cemented.

In case the bone is not enough, our doctors offer bone regeneration surgeries, in which with the help of bone filling materials, you can reach the necessary amount of bone for subsequent placement of implants.

Request an appointment here, or call Empower Your Smile DDS at 212- 274- 8338 for an appointment.

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