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Do You Have Gummy Smile?

The overexposure of the gums when smiling, known as gingival smile, is one of the problems that negatively affect the aesthetics of the smile and can be related to the individual and joint action of different etiological factors.

The aesthetic and functional evaluation of the patient in this type of case should include an extraoral, labial, dental and periodontal examination.

The called gingival smile can be considered as such when individuals have a greater exposure of 3 mm of gingival tissue.

Botulinum toxin has been shown to be an auxiliary means in the treatment of gingival smile caused by the hyperfunction of the upper lip lifting muscles. It is widely used for its reversible effects and easy handling.

Studies show that patients with gingival smile have a facial muscle capacity of 20% or more to elevate the upper lip when smiling; this may be due to hyperfunctioning of the lip elevator muscles. For this reason, botulinum toxin can help improve the gummy smile over the years, as the muscle loses its initial tone.

This reduction in muscle tone is progressive and reversible. Its effect lasts from 3 to 6 months; in this way, muscle function gradually returns; this is due to the formation of new acetylcholine receptors and the restoration of neuromuscular transmission. For this reason it is important to evaluate the dynamics of the smile, to know the sites where the punctures will be performed, which are determined by the contraction of specific muscle groups.

The aesthetics of the patients must be evaluated from a multidisciplinary approach; therefore, the botulinum toxin type A can be an effective alternative for the treatment of gingival smile, since the effects obtained are reversible and offers the patient a clear advantage over invasive methods such as surgery; however, it is important to make a correct diagnosis in order to determine if the gingival smile is due to a short lip, or to the combination of a short lip and a not very marked maxillary excess.

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